New Student Information

  • Welcome
    We wish to welcome you and your child to Hawthorne Community School, and to let you know that we shall make every effort to provide your child with a happy, constructive school year.  Please check with us in the office when you visit the building, and we can guide you to the proper room.
  • The School Day
    The school day is from 7:45 until 2:45 p.m.
  • Parent Packet
    The following forms will be included in your parent packet.
    Health History
    Health Permission Form
    Home Language Survey
    Prior Participation Survey
    TPS Enrollment Form
    Website Permission Form
    Kindergarten Student Information Form
  • Universal Breakfast/Lunch
    Because parents completed and returned breakfast/lunch forms, Hawthorne Community School will qualify  for free lunch and breakfast for all students.  Breakfast will be served in the classrooms after morning assembly.
  • Information Bulletins
    If your child brings one of these bulletins home, please be prompt in filling out all the information needed and returning the bulletin to school.  We need the information for your child’s record.  It is very important that you keep us informed of changes and new telephone numbers.
  • Absences and Tardies
    Please see that your child is prompt in arriving at school. It is very important that your child has regular attendance in order to have continuous educational progress.  If your child is sick and unable to attend school, please call the school office at (918) 925-1340 before 9:00 a.m.  Please send us a note when your child returns to school following absences.
  • Immunization Records
    Throughout the year, your child’s health record will be checked and you will be informed of any immunizations needed.  A card will be sent to you stating immunization needs and the due date.  Please make every effort to comply to keep your children immunized. If you have questions or comments about your child's health please contact us.
  • Uniforms
    The Board of Education has approved Hawthorne’s request to become a uniformed school. Examples of the approved uniform may be viewed at the front office. You may also obtain a flyer with specific information about the uniform at the office. If there is a financial hardship, please contact our counselor, Dr. Watkins.
  • Lunches
    Children who qualify for free or reduced price lunches must submit a new application for this school year.  Lunches are charged only in emergencies, and no more than two may accumulate before steps are taken to contact parents and collect for those charges. For answers to your questions about the free/reduced lunch program or other food service concerns, contact the cafeteria manager.
  • Children Arriving at School
    Children should arrive at school between 7:15 - 7:45 a.m.   Elementary teachers' workday in Tulsa Public Schools is from 7:30 a.m. – 3:20 p.m., and supervision of children cannot be provided before or after these hours.  
  • Student Safety
    Please make sure that your child knows what he/she is to do after school. If your child walks home, they should be instructed to come directly home. All students will be dismissed daily from their classrooms. If a student needs to leave early, parents must stop at the front office to remove a child from the school early.
  • Children Go Directly Home After School
    We always tell the children to go directly to their homes when classes are dismissed unless the parents have otherwise instructed.  It is important that a child be as prompt in arriving home after school as he is prompt in arriving at school.  Such promptness will, in part, help to protect your child from unsafe conditions.
  • Homework Policy
    Make-up work may be obtained through the office by telephone if the student has been absent three or more consecutive days.  Twenty-four hours should be allowed after the request is made for the teachers to write out the assignments.  It is the student’s responsibility to complete any work missed.
  • Student Insurance
    Student insurance packets will be sent home with the students.
  • Mark All Clothing and Supplies
    Please be sure all articles of clothing and all school supplies are marked with your child’s name.
  • Medication
    If your child requires medication during school hours, please check with our school health clerk, Ms. Byrd to obtain a  form which must be signed by the parent.  Remember, we cannot give any medication, even aspirin, without the form “Authorization for Administration of Medication During School Day” completed and signed.
  • Special Needs
    Every child with special needs has a right, by law (P.L. 949-L42) to a free and appropriate education.  This includes children (ages 0-20) with any type of physical, mental, emotional, or learning disability.  This is an attempt to locate these children in order to assist in providing the services to which they are entitled.  If you are aware of a child in need of services, please contact the Education Service Center, 3027 S. New Haven, phone: 746-6800.
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