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JoAnn McCaslin named Hawthorne Teacher of the Year

Special education teacher JoAnn McCaslin has been selected as the 2021-2022 Hawthorne Teacher of the Year.

One of her nominators said: "Ms. McCaslin is a joy to work with. She does everything in her power to do her best for students - whether it's learning a new curriculum, helping teachers brainstorm accommodations, modifications, strategies, and activities that will be effective for all students, having an unwavering commitment to ensuring that her students succeed, and building excellent relationships with students so that all of her students know just how much she cares about and for them. Ms. McCaslin is the coordinator for the Climate and Culture committee and is the leader of the social committee and does everything she can as the leader of those committees to ensure that Hawthorne is a joyful place where all are accepted and encouraged to be their authentic selves. She has planned and coordinated spirit weeks, staff wellness activities, birthday parties, and so much more. Ms. McCaslin is always supportive of her colleagues, willing to be a listening ear and thought partner for the teachers in the building. She is a ray of sunshine in the building for teachers and students."

McCaslin was inspired to pursue a career in education by the teachers she had when she was in school. She currently teaches kindergarten to 3rd grade students.

"Watching them grow academically and emotionally and watching their confidence grow as they learn is my favorite part of the job. They have so much potential to be great adults and watching them learn how great they truly are is inspiring. They are also the funniest people I have ever met and bring so much joy to my classroom every day," she said.

McCaslin said it is a privilege to work with some of the hardest-working and most resilient teachers and staff.

"I am proud to call them my Hawthorne Family."