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Drop Off and Pick Up 

All students enter the building through the front door.

In the afternoon, students are dismissed as follows:

  • WALKERS - exit through the south door
  • CAR RIDERS - are escorted through the east main entrance doors
  • BUS RIDERS - load from the front ramp

If you are going into the school to drop-off/ pick-up your child be courteous and park in the outside lanes, so that others may move smoothly through the driving lanes. 

One extra minute of your time could keep your child safe from harm. 
The end of the school day is the most congested with cars, vans, buses, and CHILDREN.  Please follow the instructions of the person in charge of dismissal in the gym and in the parking lot.

School Wide Procedures for Success 

Noise Level
0 = Silent 
1 = Whisper
2 = Small Group
3 = Presentation
4 = Recess/Pep Rally


Goal: The classrooms in Hawthorne Elementary School will be safe and productive environments where students learn the importance of being responsible, engaged, and motivated.

Responsible Classroom Behavior:

  • Students will treat each other with dignity and respect.
  • Students will be prepared to learn.
  • Students will follow directions.                    
  • Students will be good listeners.
  • Students will be team players.


Goal: The cafeteria of Hawthorne Elementary School will be a safe and clean environment where all people interact with courtesy and respect.

Responsible Cafeteria Behavior:

  • Students will use quiet voices in the cafeteria.  (Noise level 0-2)
  • Students will take the next space that is available at a table.  (To get help, students will raise their hands.)
  • Seats are not to be saved.
  • Students will eat their own food and use good manners.
  • Students are to clean up area when finished eating.
  • Food is to remain in the cafeteria unless the student has lunch detention with a teacher.


Goal: Students will play safely in all games and on all equipment.

Responsible Playground Behavior:

  • Students will play only on playground areas.
  • Students will leave rocks and mulch on the ground.
  • Students will keep hands and feet to themselves.
  • Students will show pride in their school by keeping the playground free of litter.
  • Students will show respect for others and follow instructions given by staff.
  • Students will use equipment properly and take turns.


Goal: The restrooms at Hawthorne Elementary will be clean and safe.

Responsible Restroom Behavior:

  • Students will stay quiet in the restrooms.
  • Students will use restrooms appropriately and leave them clean.
  • Students will wash hands with soap, before leaving the restroom.
  • Students will leave the restroom as soon as they finish.
  • Students will treat everyone with dignity and respect.


Goal: The hallways of Hawthorne Elementary School will be safe environments where all people interact with courtesy and respect.

Responsible Hallway Behavior:

  • Students will use quiet voices in the hallways.  (Noise level 0-1)  (If a staff member asks to speak with a student, the student will stop and talk with that person.)
  • When walking with classmates, students will walk in a single file line through the hallways. Students will keep hands and feet to themselves.

Computer Lab

Goal: Students will work productively in the computer lab and will interact with courtesy and respect.

Responsible Computer Lab Behavior:

  • Students will obtain teacher permission before printing any documents.
  • Students will enter the computer lab only when a staff member is present.
  • Students will use all technology equipment properly and leave equipment in proper working condition.
  • Students will stay in their assigned seats. (To get help, students will raise their hands.)
  • Students will keep the computer lab clean. 

Lost & Found

The “Lost and Found” is located in the first three lockers by the gym door.  Notebooks, clothing, coats, etc, are placed in this location. Purses, eyeglasses, watches, etc, may be claimed in the school office. Please check on a regular basis for any misplaced items. (Be sure to mark school supplies and wearing apparel with your child’s name.)

Study Trips / Field Trips

Study trips serve as an important “being there” experience for students and are a vital part of the curriculum. Hawthorne Community School must have parental permission to transport students off school property. Study trip permissions slips must be signed and be in the school’s possession prior to the study trip. The official Tulsa Public Schools permission document must be used. Hand written notes and verbal approval cannot be accepted. 

Hawthorne Elementary reserves the right to exclude any student whose behavior  on a field trip may contribute to the safety of other students and individuals and the destruction of property. This decision is based on the performance of a student during the regular school day on a daily basis.