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Study Trips / Field Trips

Study trips serve as an important “being there” experience for students and are a vital part of the curriculum. Hawthorne Community School must have parental permission to transport students off school property. Study trip permissions slips must be signed and be in the school’s possession prior to the study trip. The official Tulsa Public Schools permission document must be used. Handwritten notes and verbal approval cannot be accepted. 

Hawthorne Elementary reserves the right to exclude any student whose behavior  on a field trip may contribute to the safety of other students and individuals and the destruction of property. This decision is based on the performance of a student during the regular school day on a daily basis.

Noise Level

0 = Silent 
1 = Whisper
2 = Small Group
3 = Presentation
4 = Recess/Pep Rally

Lost & Found

The “Lost and Found” is located in the first three lockers by the gym door.  Notebooks, clothing, coats, etc, are placed in this location. Purses, eyeglasses, watches, etc, may be claimed in the school office. Please check on a regular basis for any misplaced items. (Be sure to mark school supplies and wearing apparel with your child’s name.)